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Here to serve you and your skin

For the sensible. Not just the sensitive.

In the beginning there were only leafs, stone and hope. Then with time, the people paid more and more attention to the condition of their skin. Some for more practical reasons like comfort and efficiency in work and others for aestethics and self-confidence.

During the industrial age, more and more natural ingredients in cosmetics were replaced by synthesis ones that were cheaper and faster to manufacture. In the present time there are more synthetic ingredients than one can count and more “natural” products that have less than 20% ingredients of “natural origin” that almost anyone doesn’t believe the “natural” tag.

As the industry developed on this timeline, other things also did. Allergies, sensitivities, dermatitis and others. Crying tears, spots, itches, burns and other reactions that more people have and less doctors can point a finger towards their cause. This is why you should care.

We stand by those people that want to enjoy life, to put their attention towards their selves and their loved ones. The ones that put the time in for their passions and for their care. We believe, and you know this, people are able to reach towards their potential only when they are happy and healthy.

For this we put in the passion, the time, the research to create life enriching products that help everyone to indulge, to serve themselves a treat as if they had the blue blood. Because best it’s what they deserve.

If you know somebody that might fit with this description, please let us know and we will contribute to their happiness.

My process is streamlined

Created by Pharmacists

All our products are created and made by pharmacists. All of them have the optimal proportion of ingredients for the human skin.


Sensitive and sensible. We love you exactly the way you are. For that we do everything with your comfort in mind.

Made in Transylvania

Our laboratory is in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. The Heart of Transylvania. A place known more for history and Dracula. But known less for it's fertile soil, clean air and plants that hold nature's inner powers.

Safe for children

All natural. Some would taste them. Some did. It's not for internal use. However, it really is safe.

Organic ingredients

All our ingredients are organic, bio and eco labeled. We believe every inch of skin deserves the best we can provide.

Online Store coming soon.

We are currently working on putting together an online store. Until then, let us know how we can be of service. We will do our best!

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